Why i didn’t like the new Facebook redesign?

Now, lately Facebook has been releasing new features at a furious pace. (A lot of them blatant Copycats from Google+ like the FB Lists, Subscribe feature, etc). But I can’t complain, because Google+ itself is heavily inspired from Facebook.

But today, Facebook launched a major interface Redesign. And I am disappointed. From a usability standpoint, there are few things that immediately caught my eye. Tell me in the comments below, if you noticed them before, and do they really affect you at all.
Facebook Redesign – An Organized Mess

Mess no.1 – Swapped Home and Profile Buttons

The FB header goofup

Notice, the position of the Home and the Profile tab has been swapped for some reason. Everytime, I tried to navigate to the Homepage, I had to readjust to click on the right link, since I was habituated to the earlier layout. In terms of usability, this is a horrible change. Why completely reverse the earlier behavior?

Also, if you look at web standards, Home is generally the left-most link. This new layout makes no sense to me.

Mess no.2 – Where’s my “What’s on your mind box”?

Where is my status update box??

Now, isn’t Facebook meant to make to easier for people to share whats on their mind? Hence, it made sense to have this box available readily to the users on the Homepage. Now facebook radically decides to hide this box, only to make it appear if you click the “Update Status” link.

Just making things more difficult.

Mess no. 3 – The Jumping Ticker Box

The jumping FB Ticker

The worst of the package is the new Ticker. In terms of usability, when you start scrolling the page, the ticker scrolls for some time, become static after a point, disillusioning the user. Try it out!! I personally am no fan of static elements on a page. They just break the flow of a page, and make it more confusing.

Now, try enabling Chat. The Ticker “magically” jumps to the right of the page and gets fitted on top of the chat window. WHY, I ask?

Final Thoughts

The new layout adds too many options and makes things a tad too complicated. My “ohh-so-simple” feed is now split into Top Stories, Recent Stories and the Ticker. Where should I look for what?

A major userbase of Facebook are the mom-and-pop accounts. I am not sure how easy will it be for them to get used to this new design. Your views?

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                                  My Journeys…

Wandering through winding paths…
I pass beautiful landscapes; I pass run-down rotten alleys.
I pass smiling faces, and also grimaced troubled hearts…
I see both good and bad,
I see both cheer and love, and also pain and hate…

The winding paths I talk about are the recesses of my mind,
‘Nd the journeys are my thoughts, my feelings…

I start my journey…
I am like a stranger in a foreign land.
Unsure, unsteady, unaware… But learning…
It’s like a toddler who’s learning to walk, ahead of a long journey;
My mind is learning to think, to comprehend…
I journey on…

I am on a young path.
Shadowed by the handloom of trees on both sides,
Shadowing me, protecting me at all times.
My mind grows in the shelter of my two trees,
Cared for, protected.
Its journeys are shaky, but guarded.
I tread out of the shade into the sunlight; I Burn.
I’m still learning.
I journey on…

I come across open fields… Untouched. Virgin.
Places where others can’t go.
I come across thoughts that open my mind,
That are mine… Personal.
Which others can’t understand.
Those are my paths; those are my thoughts.
I journey on…

I come across violent seas… Crashing;
Things I don’t understand, I disagree…Thoughts I battle with…
I come across calm waters, a serene lake.
I feel like staying there, let time freeze.
Cause here My thoughts are my thoughts,
and I am at harmony.
I journey on…

I am surprised how an open highway…
Where my thoughts are flowing,
Gets converted to a traffic jam..
I know not where to go.
I journey on…

I meet people… Some hold my hands…
I look at them and they smile.
Some just move on, but some others…
They join my journey.
They catch me from falling off steep cliffs,
At times they bank on me to save them…
I like this journey…

I journey on…

I am in a crowded street…
There are noises, confusion, people shoving you around.
I hear people selling things..
Bbut..Bbut..There are so many!!!
What do I buy?? What do I do??
My mind is confused… My thoughts are torn apart…
I grab a fruit (an opportunity); but is this what I want??!!
I turn around…
People are running…Sprinting…Its a blurrr…
Something tells me I need to run too…
But why can’t I ??
I grab a foothold and I start running…
It’s like an aphrodisiac…
I feel the breeze blow by and it feels good.

I am in the run…
There are so many paths…diversions…Do I know which one to take??
Absolutely not!!!
But I am in the run…
After all it’s the journey, ain’t it??!!
But baby,
I am in the run…!!!

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How India Losing a match was an amazing experince!!!

Its amazing how a really bad day can become so exciting in a matter of moments (and then, actually manage to turn sour again). Today was one of those exceptional experiences I had, courtesy livin’ in a boys hostel in Pune.

The chain of events started with 3 sixes of 4 balls by Sachin against Australia, on a off-resolution television set at a roadside restaurant.

Now, who can walk away from that!!!
Sachn in an amazing knock
I was hardly aware of the Indo-Australian one-day cricket series going on, let alone the fact that there was a match today. Australia had posted a mammoth total of 350, and India had started off pretty well, thanks to our ever-reliable Sachin!!! If not for any other reason, we got stuck with the match as Sachin was storming Australia as a terrifying one-man army.

Somehow we (me and two of my friends) managed to leave the match and reached our hostel, with all the plans to get to our books. But once there, we could hear hoots and screams every 30 seconds coming from the TV room in our hostel. We resisted for 3-4 mins, but soon were sprinting towards the TV room ourselves to catch the last few overs of the match.

As I entered the TV room, there were close to 150 people sprawled around a single TV set, straining to get a glimpse of the screen over a sea of heads and limbs. Some had found chairs to sit, most were sprawled on the floor around the TV, and uncountable others standing around to catch the match. Some had even got a small ladder in the room, to get a view over all the standing people..!!!!

The atmosphere was as electric as watchin’ a live match, if not more. There was applause and whistles on every single run scored or even a wide-ball. In the case of a boundary or a six, the noise was deafening!!!! Well, in the case of a dot-ball or a wicket, the slur of abuses was even greater..!!!

Everyone was cheering Sachin to make a double century, chanting everytime he came to the crease. But 40 odd runs away from victory, Sachin lost his wicket. Then came the ohh-so-familiar scene with Indian cricket. Once Sachin was out, the Indian batting fell like a pack of cards, losing finally by 3 runs. The disappointment of the 100+ crowd was tremendous. Chairs were thrown around in frustration, people were pissed as hell. Not as pissed as I was!!

But soon as the frustration of the loss went down, a totally different side of the episode came to me…..

Its amazing how so many people, who hardly know each other, speak the same language and share the same emotions when it comes to cricket!!!

Its amazing how the 150 people in the room (and millions all over the country) simultaneously roar together, as a natural response to a sixer by Sachin, how they gasp at a miss-run, how they simultaneously groan when Sachin got caught. I wonder how many people must have thrown stuff around in frustration of India losing.

Its amazing how at the end of the match, I realized one of the guys sitting amongst the 150 was actually blind. I had seen the guy hooting all along the match, and not realized once that he couldn’t see. Such was the atmosphere that you didn’t need to be able to see, to feel the intensity.

Its amazing how I was so engrossed in the cricket match, that I was slouching over the shoulders of the cook of the canteen where I eat everyday, together shouting at every ball. In any other setting, I wouldn’t have imagined doing so.

Its amazing how much better the experience of watching the match was given that you were watching it with a group of 150 people instead of watching the match alone at home!!! Even though India lost the match…the experience was, well….


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Tutorials for Atos Origin

First some random good links for video tutorials…

1) The IIT resource lectures on youtube..

2)Maybe check the computer programming section on this pagethough good resource for other wide range of topics..

3)another good source

now some topic wise tutorials…

1) Computer Sc – Software Engineering
Lecture Series on Software Engineering by Prof.N.L. Sarda, Prof. Umesh Bellur, Department of Computer Science & Engineering ,IIT Bombay .


3) Oracle: Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Tutorials

This post was submitted by supervipul.

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Why does a Solar Eclipse move from West to East, whereas the sun moves from East to West??

Image Source: Economic Times, 22nd July, 2009

Image Source: Economic Times, 22nd July, 2009

On 22nd July, 2009 we witnessed the longest Solar Eclipse in the 21st century, which will stay unchallenged till June, 2114. Early yesterday morning when i was glancing through the paper I noticed the path of the Solar Eclipse through various parts of India.

The Eclipse first became visible at 5:28 am at the eastern coast near Gujrat, and then left India at 10:42 am from over the North-Eastern part of India. Nothing seemed fishy to me at first, but then my dad posed me a question.. That the sun moves from east to west, then why so does the solar eclipse move the other way round..??
Hmmm..Intersting!! So I decided to look it up.. (Given that I had nothing else better to do. :-) )

Now, first how does the Solar Eclipse take place. In the lamest terms, amongst all the randomness of the celestial motion of the earth, moon and sun; now and then, the three bodies line up together in a straight line. When the moon comes in between the earth and the sun and hides our good ‘ole sun…Walla..we have a Solar Eclipse!!!
When the moon blocks the sun partially, its a partial solar eclipse. Instances when it shadows it completely (like in our case on 22nd July), its called a Total solar eclipse.

Now the question at hand…
The Earth revolves around the Sun from West to East. (surely, because this motion gives us the apparent sensation the the sun is moving the other way round. i.e., East to West.)
The moon revolves round the Earth from West to East as well. (Watch Moonrise on successive nights and you’ll see that it rises later each day as the Earth’s rotation needs more time to ‘catch up’ with the Moon in its orbit. )
The Moon orbits at a velocity of 1 km/sec, thus its shadow also moves at the same velocity. However the Earth is also rotating around its axis in the same direction with almost 0.5 km/s at the equator, slower with approaching poles. As a results near the equator Moon’s shadow advances about 500 meters per second.
The easiest example to understand this is, assume to cars are moving in the same direction, at the same speed. They appear stationary to each other.
Now a case when one is at 20 km/hr and the other at 40 km/hr. Now from the perspective of the faster car, the other car is moving backwards.

Similarly, even though Earth and the Moon are moving in the same direction (West to East), the relative velocity of the Moon is higher, it advances with respect to Earth.

Now there are various exceptions to this case, but this much is enough for my curiosity. If you are interested more, have a look at this link.. Mechanics of Solar Eclipses.

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Good CAT problems

Example: Let a,b,c,d be distinct prime numbers satisfying :


Given that abcd=k. Find the number of distinct values of k?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4

How we go about this? We were told in school, that n variables need n equations, but we have n-2 here. A road-block? No, a call to think deeply. Just see how we can reduce variables or increase equations.

We subtract the two equations and get 9a+4b=3d => 4b=3(d-3a)

RHS is divisible by 3, so should be LHS and therefore b=3

put this in the initial equations, and we are sure the max value of a can be =7 (i leave it to u to figure out how, a hint: all prime numbers are distinct, and we have used 3, we are left with the two smallest as 2 and 5).

Back again 3a=d-4=>d=3a+4 gives us (a,d)=(5,19),(11,37).. but clealry the second set wont work, very large values. We found the set, just by using the constraint, all are distinct primes and 3 has been used.

so we have b=3,a=5 d=19, there is no further need to go as we need the no of values of k which will obviously be 1. But for the sake of completeness we can check c=2

Seems like a marathon, but no its a 3-4 minute problem, once you start doing what I want you to !


This example is credited to Sureshbala..  

Here is a link to the original post… http://mathematics-for-iit.learnhub.com/lesson/5728-prime-numbers

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Divisibilty Rules (Tests for divisibilty)

A number is divisible by 2 if its last digit is also (i.e. 0,2,4,6 or 8).

A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of its digits is also. Example: 726: 7+2+6= 15, so 726 is divisible by 3.

A number is divisible by 4 if the last two digits are divisible by 4. Example : 19716. 16 is divisible by 4, so the given no is divisible by 4.

A number is divisible by 5 if the last digit is 5 or 0.

A number is by divisible by 7. Double the last digit and subtract it from the remaining leading truncated number. If the result is divisible by 7, then so was the original number. Example :

672 (Double 2 is 4, 67-4=63, and 63÷7=9) Yes

905 (Double 5 is 10, 90-10=80, and 80÷7=11 3/7No

A number is divisble by 8 if the last 3 digits of the number are divisble by 8. Example: 127104. 104/8= 13. So 127104 is divisble by 8.

A number is divisble by 9 if the sum of the digits is divisible by 9. Example: 288 = 2 + 8 + 8 = 18 (is divisible by 9). 288/9 = 32.

Test for divisibility by 11. Subtract the last digit from the remaining leading truncated number. If the result is 0 or  divisible by 11, then so was the first number. Apply this rule over and over again as necessary. Example:

9009–> 900-9 = 891 –>89-1=88 –>8-8=11, so yes, 9009 is divisible by 11

132–> 13 -2 =11. So 132 is divisible by 11


If you sum every second digit and then subtract all other digits and the answer is 0 or divisible by 11. Example:

1364 ((3+4) – (1+6) = 0Yes

3729 ((7+9) – (3+2) = 11Yes

25176 ((5+7) – (2+1+6) = 3No

Test for divisibility by 13. Add four times the last digit to the remaining leading truncated number. If the result is divisible by 13, then so was the first number. Apply this rule over and over again as necessary.
Example: 50661–>5066+4=5070–>507+0=507–>50+28=78 and 78 is 6*13, so 50661 is divisible by 13.

Test for divisibility by 17. Subtract five times the last digit from the remaining leading truncated number. If the result is divisible by 17, then so was the first number. Apply this rule over and over again as necessary.
Example: 3978–>397-5*8=357–>35-5*7=0. So 3978 is divisible by 17.

Test for divisibility by 19. Add two times the last digit to the remaining leading truncated number. If the result is divisible by 19, then so was the first number. Apply this rule over and over again as necessary.
Example: 101156–>10115+2*6=10127–>1012+2*7=1026–>102+2*6=114 and 114=6*19, so 101156 is divisible by 19.

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Business Glossary


1) A Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP) is issued by an  indian company to raise capital to a selected group of shareholders, in exchange for equity.Its a private placement and not issued publicly. It was introduced byce the  the SEBI to reduce the dependance on foreign capital.


2) Global Depository Receipts( GDR) : A bank certificate issued in more than one country for shares in a foreign company. The shares are held by a foreign branch of an international bank. The shares trade as domestic shares, but are offered for sale globally through the various bank branches.

3) Fiscal Deficit: When a government’s total expenditures exceed the revenue that it generates (excluding money from borrowings). Deficit differs from debt, which is an accumulation of yearly deficits.


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Indian Budget, July 2009

There is a tough job awaiting the finance minister Pranab Mukherjee. He has to devise a budget plan, that would cater to all the  sections ranging from the corporates to the poorer sections of the society, or else the markets would react negatively. He has to raise money by divesting stake in the PSU’s , and has to concentrate on health, infrastructure and education facilities.  More so, the emphasis will be on the rural areas because rural demand is indispensable to  robust  economic growth. The government will do so by many social schemes(as promised in the election manifesto), such as the NREGA( National Rural Employment Guarentee Act)  where each family is ensured 100 days of employment,  and the Food security Act according to which each family below the poverty line is given 25 kg of food, at Rs 3 per kg.

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Small secrets

The secret of a successful life is to enjoy every moment:- to see happiness in small things- the smile of a toddler, the serenity of the beach, a small gesture of love from a close one. The secret is to always find a reason to smile and spread the happiness around.

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